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Update: The day after my apple cider vinegar blitz! (Take that, cold!!!)

20 Apr

Sooooo, a quick update on my sinus-y infection.

I went to bed last night after having four doses of my ‘Magic Potion’ (my ACV drink) yesterday, with the last one taken just before I hopped under the covers. My husband said that I sounded really congested, but I reminded him that I had been taking the Magic Potion and that it might ‘knock it’ before the weekend (which is in three days).


I awoke this morning and sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffff! I can smell! The congestion has cleared by about 95% and I feel fabulous! I was also getting a really sore throat last night, and that has vanished also.

Yesterday, I had a full blown infection (excuse the pun) in my schnoz. Today, I am free to take olfactory advantage of my nose to literally smell the roses.

Magic Potion? You be the judge!