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Rose Hip Oil – The hippest new thing?

26 Apr

With my fair and sensitive skin, I really require super gentle products. Otherwise, I tend to get eczema and irritations which are the last things I want on my face!

About four years ago, I discovered rose hip oil (RHO) after trialling a variety of skin moisturisers. It was love at first contact and I haven’t been a day without it.

Here’s what I have learnt about rose hip oil that makes it so wonderful:

* great for dry, sensitive and, believe it or not, oily skin (apparently, the RHO does not cause your face to be more oily)
* great for treating scars, stretch marks and wrinkles
* full of fatty acids
* regenerates and repairs damaged tissue

How I use RHO:
* I cleanse my face morning and night. Then, leaving my skin just a little damp, I add 3-4 drops of RHO to my palm and apply gently to my face, neck and the backs of my hands.

* In the middle of winter, sometimes RHO isn’t quite enough moisture for me. So, I do need to add a very gentle moisturiser over the top. The thing about RHO is that it seems to provide a barrier between the other moisturiser and my skin. If I just wear the RHO in winter, my skin’s too dry. If I just wear the moisturiser, it’s still too dry. So in the winter, this combo works for me.

* My husby also uses it after shaving as he has very heavy beard growth but extremely sensitive skin. He loves it!

Why do I personally use RHO?
* I love organic products and try to avoid putting too many chemicals on my face (where possible)
* calms my skin, making it less likely to become irritated
* excellent hydration for my skin
* at 27, I’m trying to look after my skin to avoid too many wrinkles when I get older!
* functions as my moisturiser and under-eye treatment
* gives me a ‘dewy’ look (some may not like this, but I think it makes me look a bit fresher!)

Be careful:
* due to its beautiful golden colour, it can stain light coloured pillow cases
* only buy certified organic pure RHO – you don’t want added nasties on your face!
* don’t spill it! It’s not cheap and it’s really easy to knock over!

Where to buy RHO:
* pharmacies
* beauty & health shops, such as Boots
* some department stores
* online
(I’ve used both the A’kin and Trilogy brands and like them equally)

Have you ever tried rose hip oil? What have your experiences been with this liquid gold? 🙂