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Rose Hip Oil – The hippest new thing?

26 Apr

With my fair and sensitive skin, I really require super gentle products. Otherwise, I tend to get eczema and irritations which are the last things I want on my face!

About four years ago, I discovered rose hip oil (RHO) after trialling a variety of skin moisturisers. It was love at first contact and I haven’t been a day without it.

Here’s what I have learnt about rose hip oil that makes it so wonderful:

* great for dry, sensitive and, believe it or not, oily skin (apparently, the RHO does not cause your face to be more oily)
* great for treating scars, stretch marks and wrinkles
* full of fatty acids
* regenerates and repairs damaged tissue

How I use RHO:
* I cleanse my face morning and night. Then, leaving my skin just a little damp, I add 3-4 drops of RHO to my palm and apply gently to my face, neck and the backs of my hands.

* In the middle of winter, sometimes RHO isn’t quite enough moisture for me. So, I do need to add a very gentle moisturiser over the top. The thing about RHO is that it seems to provide a barrier between the other moisturiser and my skin. If I just wear the RHO in winter, my skin’s too dry. If I just wear the moisturiser, it’s still too dry. So in the winter, this combo works for me.

* My husby also uses it after shaving as he has very heavy beard growth but extremely sensitive skin. He loves it!

Why do I personally use RHO?
* I love organic products and try to avoid putting too many chemicals on my face (where possible)
* calms my skin, making it less likely to become irritated
* excellent hydration for my skin
* at 27, I’m trying to look after my skin to avoid too many wrinkles when I get older!
* functions as my moisturiser and under-eye treatment
* gives me a ‘dewy’ look (some may not like this, but I think it makes me look a bit fresher!)

Be careful:
* due to its beautiful golden colour, it can stain light coloured pillow cases
* only buy certified organic pure RHO – you don’t want added nasties on your face!
* don’t spill it! It’s not cheap and it’s really easy to knock over!

Where to buy RHO:
* pharmacies
* beauty & health shops, such as Boots
* some department stores
* online
(I’ve used both the A’kin and Trilogy brands and like them equally)

Have you ever tried rose hip oil? What have your experiences been with this liquid gold? 🙂


Apple Cider Vinegar – My Magic Potion

19 Apr

A few year ago, I had been suffering from continuous colds and went surfing on the web for a cure. I am a huge fan of anything natural and apple cider vinegar kept popping up in the results.

According to the research I did, it is much better to ingest the most natural form of apple cider vinegar (organic, unpasturised and unfiltered ) with the ‘mother’. I know. A weird term but it actually refers simply to the web-like particles in the fluid that are living enzymes and provide essential nutrients and other goodies. So if you see ‘floaties’ in your apple cider vinegar – that’s a GOOD thing!!

The goodies found in ACV actually help to combat the common cold, aid digestion and stimulate circulation, amongst many other benefits. I also find that my complexion improves and I have more of a ‘glow’ (again, probably due to the boosted circulation).

Ideally, ACV should be taken daily to boost/maintain the immune system. I had kind of forgotten all about it as we had left Australia for the UK two months ago, but have recently been trying to shake a cold. It seems to have turned into what seems to be a bit of a sinus infection. So, off I trotted today to the lovely little health food store near my house and picked me up a bottle o’ goodness!

I like to make a drink which my husband and I call our little ‘Magic Potion’, using 1-2 tablespoons ACV, 1/2 – 1 tablespoon honey, a dash of boiling water to stir through the honey (before adding the cold water) and ACV and fill the rest up with cold water. If I’m sick, I drink up to four of these per day. Ideally, I like to drink one per day if I’m not. Just make sure you rinse your mouth out with fresh water after drinking, as the acid apparently eat away at tooth enamel if you leave it sitting on your teeth.

I’d love to know if anyone else has had the same benefits from ACV. After my first dose an hour ago, I can already feel my congestion starting to ease. Oh, how I love my Magic Potion!